Nintex ERROR: An exception occurred while processing parameter [InputXmlSource]

Nintex Workflow is a user-friendly workflow solution that is available now in the cloud. Previously it was on Prem on top of SharePoint and then they introduce Nintex Workflow for Office 365.


In my latest project, I was using the below technologies

  1. SharePoint Office 365
  2. Nintex Workflow for O365
  3. Nintex Form for O365
  4. Nintex Sign with Adobe Signature
  5. Nintex Document Generation


The form I have created in the Nintex form were containing the repeating table. The data were saved inside SharePoint List Column which was in XML format. I have to create a document and send it for approval. Because the data is in XML, I was not able to add it in Document Generation Method.

I was using Query for XML to get my exact data from the List column. But I kept getting below issue.

An exception occurred while processing parameter [InputXmlSource]


The solution was unexpected. Because I was not able to find any document and I was bringing the information from SharePoint. There were some options, which I selected by default that should not impact.

An XML Query, I have selected the SharePoint content which was causing this issue. When I have selected the source as XML, it works fine.